Illustration preview by Robbin Staack

Apple Watch App for ImmobilienScout24

I took part in the design process of the Apple Watch Application for ImmobilienScout24. We created a concept for the special handling of wearables. The app notifies the user about new real estate for his search profile.

Some insights of the internal design process
The watch offers an innovative way of interaction. We didn’t want to put the entire search profile on the watch. The outcome is a simplified way for the user to get notifications about new properties. That means that the user is still setting all the preferences on his phone or online. That is due to the screen size and the overall concept of the Apple Watch.

During the process we went through a few scenarios and determined what information would be useful for the user. For example, in terms of a user friendly structure, we tried big text blocks. Finally we came up with a solution of showing the most important meta information, like price, size, location, photos and some key facts. That way the user can get a first idea of the property. There’s an option of discarding or saving it to his favorite list to view later on the iPhone or computer.  preview of the immobilienscout24 apple watch app - Robbin Staack User Experience Design

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