Concept & Design – Drivva App

In June 2017, I've created the Design for the upcoming drivva app. This was a freelance project including the overall structure and concept, evaluation and research of the required features and the final UI design.

Mockup of HappyMe iOS App

In Berlin and other german cities, there's quite a big range of mobility share solutions. Besides the public transport, you can nowadays pick a bike, scooter, and cars straight away from the street and go. This market is raising fast, so there are continuously coming more providers on the market. For the users this means they have to have all those apps, have to be registered for every service, and they would have to check each app in order to find the closest vehicle available.

Exactly here is drivva sneaking in. Drivva simply brings all those services into one app on one map.

It's there when you need it, but disappears when you don't

Together with the founders we started to design the app from scratch. The app should feel lightweight. I strove for a design which brings the main components all in one screen but react depending on each other. Well in other words – it means the map is in the main focus and there are different states of elements as the user is in different types of process.

Search bar disappears when focus is on preview card.

On the upper screens you can see on the left the initial screen. That's where you get when starting the app. You can see all the surrounding vehicles available. On the top the user can execute a route-search. By clicking on a pin of the map, this search bar disappears, as it is not relevant in this moment but details to the specific selected vehicle. All that is underlined by the fading like ui.