iOS App Design for HappyMe

Mockup of HappyMe iOS App


HappyMe is a beautiful app to track your daily happiness.
You can easily set your daily mood and capture the important events of your day.

The project began when I was contacted by the client, who was searching for a UX/UI Designer for his, already existing, Android App to adapt to Apple’s iOS. After the first analysis and evaluating the time this project would take up, we decided to go further than just the adapting of the app. We improved the App’s quality and usability. I created a party of a new user-flow-concept, a straighter design guideline and an overall new look and feel for the app. I worked closely with the developer and the client. The app is still in the process of being developed. I’m still supporting the guys in such as consulting.

Example of the emotion scale element

The Problem

So far the HappyMe app was only available for the Android-Platform. The client wanted to create a version for the iPhone to reach more users. The design had to be changed for matching the iOS guidelines. And the user-experience overall had to be improved.

The Challenge

The first challenge was to find a good balance between the iOS guidelines and an own design language and experience. I was including habits from common iPhone apps but create a really own design. In this process, I evaluated what elements would be important for a recognizable style.

The second challenge was to work for the project as a low-budget project. This meant, there was just one developer who is working for this project as a side project. I had to make the design simple enough for it to allow the developer to build the app in an appropriate way and time; but also to create a completely unique design and user-experience of the app.


Because I changed the user-task-flow of the original Android App, I created a visual overview to get a first impression of the thoughts and the new concept.

Wireframes of HappyMe-App

The Outcome

After exploring with wireframes and doing research, I started to work on the final design. I made various stages for consultation with the client. Here are the final screens.

Final Design of HappyMe-App