I’m Robbin Staack a user experience & product designer based in Berlin, Germany. For more than 5 years now, I worked with a variety of clients from boutiques and start-ups to major brands. I'm a big believer in the UX process and have hands-on experience applying UX principles to solve business problems and create unique user experiences.

Recently I was working with ImmobilienScout24, Germanys leading realestate platform. There my role spans everything about design strategy & user experience focusing on growth and user engaging topics. In the past, I've had a strong focus on mobile solutions including iOS, Android and also mobile web projects. But also I do work with clients on web & desktop products. I belief in approaches like design thinking, and agile and lean processes. My passion lies in problem-solving, in empathy, in thinking like a user, in questioning and challenging (well, and more). I've got a graduation in digital media design, subject area: concept and visualization. Design — for me — is creating in awareness of improving lifes of individuals and therefore bringing humanity a little bit forward. Our work should have a positive impact. View my LinkedIn profile or download my resume.

I'm passionate about advocating for the user, I also understand the importance of meeting business objectives. I’m able to think strategically about solving problems and finding business opportunities and am adept at finding patterns and generating ideas, which helps me quickly find the intersection between user needs and business goals.

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  • Lean & agile design processes
  • Research & usability testing
  • User interviews, focus groups
  • Design Thinking
  • Ideation & concept workshop facilitation
  • Mobile Design à la Android & iOS
  • Invision, Sketch, Principle, Zeplin, Post-it’s
  • Kanban & Scrum
  • (Rapid) Prototyping
  • Visual-, interaction- & motion design

How I got here
Maybe I could come up with an anecdote from my childhood to claim I had some early indication of what might be fundamentals of a focus on design. But basically, my proclivity to design (or rather at this time: the idea of not accepting the status quo) began to bloom with my first Android smartphone in 2009. Back then especially the Android apps were anything but great design. And I didn't have any real relation to any idea of designing, at this time, but eventually I started to think about, how to make thinks different and ultimately better. In the following years, I began together with some friends to design and develop own apps. We were ambitious, but except one little newsreader, we didn't manage to 'ship' anything. We were young, and it was hobby tho. But I realised: it's my passion, and it could be more than just a hobby. So I moved to Berlin and started to work at ImmobilienScout within the framework of an apprenticeship of three years. Since then, I've been part of a lot of great projects. And they got shipped. Mostly. And in the end, I realised, I always walk and walked through the world, questioning why things are how they are. Even in my childhood.

Whether you want to talk about your upcoming projects, new visual strategy, ux structure or you do have some cool ideas for collaboration feel free to contact me.